Job: The Mermaid Inn, Rye, East Sussex
Problem: Low staff moral
History: Early in the year, a particularly potent rumour had spread amongst the staff, that the premises was going up for sale. Complete with new management, and with a new broom. This little drop of poison could not be eradicated by by the present management with any credibility. As time went by, the worst appeared to be a foregone conclusion, especially when later in the year, "For Sale" signs appeared around the building.

Every year since time immemorial, the staff enjoyed a New Years Party, sometime in January. This time though, it promised to be a more sombre event. Sold signs had just been put in place in early December. When it was time for the   party, the present owner stood up and made a light hearted speech, announcing that the premises had indeed been sold, and he was delighted to hear that it was going for £6,500,000. Also, there were to be no redundancies, as expected, but there were to be some re-allocation of job titles, salaries and consequent duties. It was also to be of great pleasure for him to introduce the new owner and staff of the Inn to to re-allocate these duties. So could everyone please give a very warm welcome to the new owners:
Solution: In walks Manuel and I as Basil Fawlty, complete with a large 7 foot long cheque for £6,500,000. 

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