Royal Wedding of Prince William Kate Middleton 2011 

Royal Wedding Ring to be made from Clogau Gold

The countdown to the Royal Wedding is well underway, with every aspect under intense scrutiny since the engagement announcement in November 2010. Every detail surrounding the ceremony matters, and one of particular interest is the ring that Prince William and Kate Middleton will be exchanging during their nuptials. And the confirmation? The Royal Wedding Ring is to be made from Clogau Gold.

Prince William has chosen to forgo a ring of his own, as have other male Royals, such as Prince Phillip. The Prince has stirred up controversy due to his choice, but his bride-to-be has embraced royal tradition and shall be sporting a Clogau ring as a symbol of her vows. The first Clogau ring to be used in a Royal wedding was marriage of the Queen Mother to King George VI in 1923.   The last  (See: gold wedding rings were worn by Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in 2005.

Kate is currently sporting a £32 million sapphire engagement ring, formerly the ring worn by Princess Di. Perhaps there is a level of symbolism in taking over the princess role, being the keeper of a such a treasure and awaiting the gold band that will firmly solidify her position within the Royal Family. The gift of the ring from Prince William to his fiancee had ensured in that his mother would be present as he emerges into his adult life.

The Queen has pulled an amount of Welsh gold from the family supply for the ring, which shall be transformed into Kate's wedding band by Clogau jeweller Harry Collins. As the Anglesey mine that Clogau had used for past members of the Royal Family is no longer in operation as of 1998, the Queen's donation of the precious substance is another link in the chain of Royal history. Gold from the mine has been difficult to locate, veins of the mineral often exhausted in short order. This makes the gold from that particular mine a rarity, and adds to the aura of importance that envelopes it. Other members of the royal family who have worn items forged from Clogau Welsh Gold are Edward, Prince of Wales, who received a coronet of gold in 1911, the designer ring of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1947, and Diana The Princess of Wales in 1981.

Clogau has been hard at work with their marketing campaign ever since the confirmation that they had dibs on the creation of Kate's ring. With Royal Wedding fever permeating all ages and classes worldwide, Clogau has launched a massive advertising campaign surrounding Kate's yet-to-be-seen ring. With all of the hype surrounding this ring, it has yet to make an appearance, and those in wait can only hope that the design will soon be revealed to the public.

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